Address: 45580 Spadina Ave, Chilliwack, BC. V2P-6J1

Phone: 604-792-3810

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The Lend/Lease Program is one of our longest running programs. It started out with a donation of surplus wheelchairs and other equipment from the Chilliwack Hospital. These items were lent out to people in the community on short or long term loan and they in turn made a donation for their use so that we could assist others in need and maintain the equipment.  Over time we have been fortunate to receive many donations from individuals and organizations allowing us to expand our inventory.  The program has become so successful we have items out on loan from Agassiz to Langley.


At the present time we have a number of canes, bathroom aids, crutches, wheelchairs, walkers, motorized wheelchairs and scooters. These items are stored in our Lend/Lease Building at the Chilliwack Safety Village on Fairfield Island.  If you have similar items which you no longer need we would appreciate their donation to assist others.  If you need items like this please contact us at

The photos of the outside of the building show murals from an art contest on Safety held in local elementary schools. The winning entries were painted on the North and East walls of the building. Our thanks go out to local artist Margot Van Beest for transferring the pictures with local students. The other walls were painted by Lions Bob and Brenda Jones.

The inside photos give an idea of the items we have available for loan.



Our Lions Club hosts a Seniors’ Activity day on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Mount Cheam Lions Hall at 45580 Spadina Avenue (next to the Evergreen Hall). This Seniors’ activity is suspended during summer months.  All Seniors are welcome to come and socialize. Bingo, Coffee and other activities begin at 10am. A hot lunch is served at noon. In order to make sure we have enough food, participants need to contact us two days before the event at 604 792-3810, clearly leaving your name and the date you are coming.